Silentium CoverSilentium is Conrado Moya’s first marimba solo album. A unique and exclusive selection of pieces to get to know the marimba and everything that surrounds it: the most renowned repertoire of the instrument, the new promises of the composition for marimba -with works exlusively composed for the occasion- and the talent of its performers through the soloist Conrado Moya and the collaboration of Katarzyna Myćka as a duo.

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FB portada Silentium Genérico

Silentium contains a selection of the greatest works of the marimba repertoire, written by well-known composers such as Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska, Emmanuel Séjourné, Pius Cheung or Èric Sammut. However, Conrado Moya also makes a firm commitment to the new promises of composition for marimba, with works exclusively composed for the occasion by composers such as the Polish Arkadiusz Kątny or the Catalan Ferran Cruixent.

Conrado-Kaska Auric - Pere Espinosa

The CD is privileged to have the collaboration of Katarzyna Myćka, one of the most important figures in the international marimba panorama, who participates as Conrado Moya’s duo in three of the ten pieces that make up Silentium.

Silentium was possible thanks to the sponsorship of Marimba One and Pro-Music Association Amadeo L. Sala, but also thanks to the contributions from 64 people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign, which ended successfully and got the amount required to achieve the project funding.

Conrado GrabaciónThe recording took place in December 2014 in Audioart Studios, where Rafael Monllor handled the recording, producing and mastering. The design of cover and booklet, by Pablo Moya, revolves around the representation of silence through word, with the inclusion of the word silence in different languages, and music, symbolized by the figure of a crotchet.

Track list

Silentium Cover and CD

  1. Romantica – Emmanuel Séjourné
  2. Ypsilon – Arkadiusz Kątny
  3. Like Blind Men Tapping in the Dark* – Libby Larsen
  4. Etude in C# minor – Pius Cheung
  5. Étude 3 – Ferran Cruixent
  6. Silence Pierced by Distraction* – Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska
  7. Variations of Porgy and Bess – Eric Sammut
  8. Étude 2 – Ferran Cruixent
  9. Valse Valse* – Daniel Nikolas Wirtz
  10. Chaconne – Johann Sebastian Bach

* Conrado Moya and Katarzyna Myćka duet