Silentium presentation reviewed

CP1February 28th, 2015 will be one of those difficult-to-forget dates for Conrado Moya: his first album, Silentium, was officially presented and marked a new milestone in his artistic career.

The Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante (ADDA), place of reference for music in the artist hometown, became a perfect setting for the public presentation of the CD. His chamber hall was overflowing with people whose eagerness was already becoming evident in the very last moments before the beginning of the concert.

After a long ovation, Conrado Moya finally appeared on stage. He opened his concert with the one he considers the composer of his life, Johann Sebastian Bach. The tranquil tempo of the piece suddenly contrasted with the excitement of the audience, creating a new atmosphere and anticipating the uniqueness of this event.


The pieces were smoothly following one another. Some of them, such as the Etude in C# minor by the composer and marimbist Pius Cheung, sounded for first time through Conrado Moya’s hands, joining his repertoire and sharing concert with other pieces already indispensable in the recitals of the artist, as the exciting Toccata of the Polish composer Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska.

However, not only Silentium as a whole was premiered in the concert, but also some of the individual works that make up the album itself. In this way, Variations of Porgy and Bess by Éric Sammut was performed live for first time in Spain, as well as Étude 3 by Ferran Cruixent, which performance in this concert also supposed its world première.

CP3During the concert, Conrado Moya addressed the audience several times to give his particular emotional point of view about the works that make up the CD. In the meantime, he commented some details about the recording process and invited the audience to reflect on the silence, main topic of this first album. Conrado also had words of gratitude to all those people who made this project possible, including participants in the crowdfunding campaign, many of them present at the event.

“For me it was a unique experience because besides the fact that of being surrounded by dozens of great friends who are at the same time great musicians and artists, I was fortunate to share it with a great part of my family, former classmates and childhood friends. And as if that weren’t enough, it also attended the concert a large number of new listeners who made me feel eager to show them the richness of my instrument and its sound. I cannot imagine a better atmosphere to present my first marimba solo album.” Conrado Moya

Firma 1

Firma 2After the concert, a long line of attendees gathered in the lobby of the ADDA where, following the acquisition of the CD, Conrado Moya signed CDs and exchanged words with the public for over an hour.

With the concert in Alicante concert began an entire tour to promote the album that will bring Conrado Moya to several points of the Spanish and European geography. The next event, on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 at the Auditorium of Almoradí (Alicante).

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