Conrado Moya and Katarzyna Myćka present the official video of the Goldberg Variations

PromoVideoGoldberg1For their upcoming Spainish premiere of Bach’s Goldberg Variations for marimba duo, Conrado Moya and Katarzyna Myćka provide a taste of what it will be like to hear Bach’s Variations -a key work in the history of music- played by a duo of marimbas.

The video, which was recorded after the world premiere in Stuttgart, Germany, on 10th of April, provides an abstract of a work which is full of contrasts and emotions, as well as technical and musical challenges, in this unprecedented version for a marimba duo. 

The next concert will take place in the Alicante Auditorium (ADDA) on Saturday, 14th of May and will represent the Spanish premiere of the project. Tickets are on sale in Learn more by clicking here.


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