Goal achieved: crowdfunding campaign successfully concluded


The crowdfunding campaign in Verkami for “Silentium”, Conrado Moya’s first CD, ended with a great success.

It took only 27 days to reach the funding target. However, in the 13 days left until the 40 that would last the campaign, contributions didn’t stop pledging and far exceeded the amount proposed.

The campaign was well received on social networks, where users threw themselves into the project, spreading it altruistically. But there was also movement out of digital networks. In fact, one of the most important moments of the campaign took place when several people decided to organize to get the reward of highest amount, the private concert. They finally decided the concert to be public, so that everyone could enjoy Conrado Moya’s music.

In total, 64 people put their trust in the project and participated not only with their contributions, but also with their support and energy to make this project finally come true.

Thank you very much!

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