South America hosts Conrado Moya during a month

Teatro Colón

Once again, Conrado Moya surprises us with his active schedule. Between May and June of this year, five countries in the Americas hosted with great affection the artist Conrado Moya during his concerts together with “Li Biao Percussion Group”.

Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia witnessed the wonderful energy, strength and artistic wealth that this group is able to offer. Their performances in the most important concert halls of these countries became a huge success, highlighting those at Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires (Argentina). There the critics rised them to the same level of the most famous musicians that perform usually in this majestic space and a committed audience of more that 5000 people could attest it.

In short, an exciting and unique experience we want to share with our readers through some photos of this unforgettable tour:

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